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Best Age Defying Products

As the word defying stands for to resist boldly, age defying is a trend in which people try to hide or defend against their age. It is a natural process to get wrinkles and baggy skin as people age, but concealing all that means age defying. The age defying trend has a vast and clear cut history. It basically originated from 3000Bc when Grecian women attempted to improve their complexions. Jars of make up have been found from ancient civilizations of Egypt as well. Those women used coal to achieve big eyes, and some other cosmetic material to gain good looks and look younger. This is enough prove that women have always been conscious when it comes to age.

Botox and face-lifting surgeries, medications, and other tactics such as diet controlling and vitamin treatment, all are indications of age defying. The best way of age defying is yet under covers because aging is a natural process and slowing it down or interfering with it might have side affects, but herbal or home made remedies is so far least risky and reliable way. Other than that there are chewable vitamin tablets, facial masks, weight loss pills, skin peel-off and many other cosmetic surgeries like hair transplant, rhinoplasty, suction-assisted lipectomy, blepharoplasty, abdominoplasty etc.

It depends on doctor’s recommendations (in case of pills, tablets or other ointments) that how often one should use it. Usually pills and ointments are to be used on daily basis but the dosage is dependant on the nature of crisis. Different supplements have diverse components of age defying for instance a weight loss pill may contain caffeine anhydrous, green-tea leaf, dandelion root, theobromine etc. because these ingredients are requirements for weight loss. Now if we take another weight loss product, lets say, a vitamin supplement, it definitely contains ingredients different from that of weight loss pill. Hence contents of age defying supplements may differ on the basis of its requirements.

Some precautions that are to be considered are; direct contact with sunlight. Either you are using any ointment or just had surgery; direct sunlight is always hazardous because the skin is extremely sensitive in these instances. Don’t smoke if you are looking forward for age defying as smoking causes premature wrinkles. Choose your skin care products wisely, always search and survey before buying. Use an antioxidant and vitamin enrich moisturizer before going to sleep because skin is most absorbent at night. Some age defying pills and tablets may cause gastrointestinal problems so always consult a doctor or a dietitian first.


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